Caper 2023

Caper 2023

Annual conference of the Community of Air Pollution Effects Researchers.
Business School at Manchester Metropolitan University (UK), 16-17 May 2023.

CAPER was established in 1974 as the Committee on Air Pollution Effects Research to provide a forum for scientists studying air pollution impacts on the natural environment to meet and discuss their research.  Over the years, both the range of air quality issues, and the scope and membership of CAPER, have greatly expanded. CAPER now embraces academic researchers, the UK Environment Agencies, Conservation Agencies, and practitioners involved in the assessment of air quality impacts on the natural environment.

Silvana Munzi presented “CLEANFOREST COST Action, the new kid in town” (Guerrieri R., Vanguelova E., Munzi S.)

“The CAPER conference was a good opportunity to present the CLEANFOREST not only to scientists, but also policy makers and other stakeholders in the field of environmental monitoring and management. After the presentation I received feedback from many participants among which members of the CEH – Centre for Ecology and Hydrology and young researchers interested in joining the Action” comment by Silvana Munzi.”

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