Meet our Working Groups

CLEANFOREST is organized in 4 WGs addressing the three Challenges vertically (from the atmospheric components of the global change drivers down to tree and soil...

Meet CLEANFOREST core group

Key participants in the CLEANFOREST core group are the Action Chair, Vice-Chair, Working Group Leaders and Advisors, Science and dissemination coordinator, the young researcher coordinator,...

Meet MC members

Here you can find an overview of the Management Committee Members.

Meet our Science Communication team

Meet key CLEANFOREST members actively involved in sharing with the broad community all the news and activities/events happening within our network and in coordinating specific...

Meet our Young Researcher core team 

Young Researchers constitute a substantial subgroup in the CLEANFOREST (ca. 50%), representing different levels of career development and experience. Young researchers coordinator Klaudia Ziemblińska ITC...

Geographical Distribution

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