Joint effects of CLimate Extremes and Atmospheric depositioN on European FORESTs

About the CLEANFOREST Action

Forests are at the forefront of our efforts to mitigate climate change and achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, to ensure a sustainable life on Earth. However, forest ecosystems are particularly threatened by global change components, such as increasing frequency and severity of climate extreme events, increasing atmospheric carbon dioxide and pollutants concentrations.

All these factors strongly influence the capacity of forests to continue providing important ecosystem services we rely on, including climate regulation and mitigation, biodiversity conservation, clean water and air supply, food and energy production, and improvement of human health and well-being, particularly in urban systems.


To develop a comprehensive understanding on the interactive effects of key global change drivers (*)CLEANFOREST will focus on climate extremes (drought and heatwaves) and atmospheric nitrogen and sulphur deposition on forest ecosystems functioning and health, and on their climate and air pollution mitigation potential.


To reduce data fragmentation (at spatial and temporal scales), to define common protocols and methods for measurements and data analyses in global change studies, and to promote data exchange as key actions to advance scientific knowledge and to fulfil the need of data (and evidence)-based solutions to policy and societal challenges.


To build an inclusive and international platform promoting synergies among scientists from different disciplines actively involved in existing research infrastructures (long-term monitoring networks and manipulation experiments), and fostering exchange between researchers and stakeholders (policymakers, forest managers, citizen science associations).


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Latest News

Eleventh webinar: Are there any discrepancies between root and stem intra annual growth?

For the Eleventh event in the series we will be joined by Negar Rezaie, reporting on her STSM carried out in 2023.

Tenth webinar: ‘Ammonia deposition to tropical and temperate forest canopy layers

For the Tenth event in the series we will be joined by Ajinkya Deshpande, from the UK Centre for Ecology and Hydrology.

Third Interview: Glass of Ouzo with Mariangela Fotelli

For the THIRD event in the series, we will be joined by Mariangela Fotelli – the STSM coordinator in the CLEANFOREST COST Action.

Monitoring spatiotemporal changes in global change drivers and their effects on semiarid woodlands and forests

The COST Action CLEANFOREST organizes its first Training School on “Monitoring spatiotemporal changes in global change drivers and their effects on semiarid woodlands and forests”,...

2024 Open Second Call for Dissemination Conference Grants

CLEANFOREST is offering up to four Dissemination Grants (of up to €1,000 each for onsite conferences ) for advertising the action at high-level conference organized...

2024 Second Open Call for ITC* Conference Grants

CLEANFOREST is offering 4 ITC Conference Grants (of up to €1,000 each) for young researchers and innovators to attend a high-level conference and present their...


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